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Thalasso Spa

The Thalasso Spa at the Four Seasons, the only one of its kind in Cyprus, welcomes guests from around the world, who come to enjoy its services. Each guest is made to feel comfortable and will be granted personal attention. Whether you are familiar with the spa's treatments or would like an introduction to Thalassotherapie, our trained consultants will welcome you, solve your queries, advise and recommend single treatments or a full course that is tailored to your needs.


A jet stream of seawater, sprayed at high pressure from a distance of 3 metres has a deep massaging effect. This energizing process increases circulation and helps break fatty tissue.

128 high pressure, rotating underwater jets vigorously massage every muscle of the body, using fresh seawater to which special seaweed and aromatic oils   are added. Relaxing, toning and increasing the circulation, the hydromassage helps the skin absorb minerals, oligo-elements and vitamins from seawater and seaweed.

Jets of refreshing seawater are forced at high pressure through needle-thin shower outlets and act as an excellent toner and stimulant on your skin.

Preparation of the skin precedes the application of a seaweed paste to cover the whole body. Applied heat detoxifies the skin and encourages the penetration of minerals and trace elements. The different kinds of seaweed body mask have detoxifying, slimming, firming or remineralizing effects.

our J K Eroline state-of-the-art sunbed is technically advanced, high performance appliance that is absolutely safe and reliable. The spa's consultants will recommend the optimum duration for ideal, quick and long-lasting results.

Manual massages vary in technique and effect, with pressure ranging from very light to very firm. The various massages can promote relaxation, slimming or combat cellulite. In each case, improved circulation and muscle tone are achieved.


The steam bath has a dual effect. While exposure to heat detoxifies the skin and opens its pores, the moisture in the steam bath hydrates the skin at the same time.


The SELF-HEATING MUD used in slimming and anti-cellulite treatments amoung others, has particular therapeutic effects.

Five different kinds of FACIAL TREATMENTS serve different purposes and are always adapted to your individual type of skin.

Between treatments or at the end of a treatment, benefits can be consolidated in our unique RELAXATION ROOM, with gentle music, sound of sea waves, 3-dimensional mural.

In addition to the single ?la carte treatments, a variety of Thalassotherapy  packages comprises carefully balanced treatments applied over a period of 1, 2, 3 or 6 days to achieve very specific results.
The  Anti-stress, Anti-Cellulite, Slimming, Revitalizing and Postnatal packages are some examples of the many options available for men and women. Our consultants will be happy to explain them to you and suggest a package that will satisfy your needs.



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Prices are quoted in Cyprus Pounds, Service Charge and VAT is included. For more and precise information ask from our Reservations department by email.



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